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Our Mission

The Hudson Family Foundation is committed to making a positive and long lasting impact in the lives of children who have a genuine need for assistance with regard to a specific physical, emotional or financial circumstance.

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Dear Friends,

Community service has been an important part of our lives since Tim first began in professional baseball in 1999. As Tim’s baseball career has progressed, we have been given many opportunities to be active in several wonderful charitable organizations. We have been fortunate to meet and positively impact many amazing children and their families whom we will forever remember.

We understand that there are countless charities deserving of people’s support. But from the beginning, God has placed on our hearts the passion for children in need, in varying degrees, levels, and circumstances. We are so grateful for the opportunities we have been given to do this type of work thus far, but at this point in our lives, we are ready to make a bigger personal commitment.

We believe strongly that the more God gives, the more He requires; and the more He requires, the more He gives. God has blessed us with three healthy children and a wonderful baseball career. Because of our faith and our passion for this cause, we decided to establish The Hudson Family Foundation. Our goal is to use our blessings for good to make real, tangible, and long-lasting differences in the lives of deserving children.

Thank you in advance for learning more about us and considering working with us in our mission. It is a great thing to be a blessing to a child.

With sincere thanks,

Tim and Kim Hudson